Third Party Terms

Conversant Group, LLC, and its affiliates, including Grypho5, LLC and Athena7, LLC, regularly provision customers with software, hardware, and other technology including SaaS solutions from third parties (all together, “Third-Party Products”), whose terms and conditions apply to the purchase and use of those Third-Party Products. You routinely see such terms when you open a new software service on a new computer, for example. Conversant Group is not permitted to negotiate or modify those terms. Depending upon your order or Quote, various Third-Party Products may be included, and the links to the applicable terms and conditions are below. For all of these products, Conversant did not design or manufacture the Third-Party Products and Conversant is not responsible for any warranty, indemnity, or the product’s creation, bugs, or performance. (For warranties concerning Conversant’s own service, see your MSPA / Master Service and Purchase Agreement.) Below is a list of EULAs (End User License Agreements) that apply to the named companies’ products; by proceeding with your purchase, you have agreed that these terms and conditions apply to your purchase and use of those Third-Party Products.

Partners End User Licensing Agreement (EULA)
Absolute Software Absolute Master Subscription Agreement | Absolute
Arctic Wolf Legal - Arctic Wolf
AvePoint Master Software License and Subscription Agreement (v4_0 022022) (
Cisco Cisco General Terms
Citrix Cloud Software Group - End User Agreement
Cohesity Microsoft Word - Cohesity EULA (October 2020).docx
Cradlepoint End User Agreement | Cradlepoint
CrowdStrike CrowdStrike Software Terms of Use | CrowdStrike
Delinea (fka: Thycotic) Delinea Master Subscription and License Agreement | MSLA
Dell Dell EULA_English.pdf
Enzoic Subscription Agreement | Enzoic
eSentire Master-Security-Services-Agreement.pdf
Fortinet EULA and Warranty Terms (
Hewlett Packard Enterprise HPE End-User License Agreement (EULA)
Microsoft EULA (
Mimecast Mimecast General Terms and Conditions (
Nutanix End-User License Agreement (EULA) (
Palo Alto Legal - Palo Alto Networks
Silverfort Silverfort Product License Agreement - Silverfort
Veeam Veeam End User License Agreement.pdf
VMware universal_eula.pdf (

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