ransoware backup and recoverability assessment

Evaluate the technical resilience and recoverability of your systems

Backup Systems are more essential but more vulnerable than ever

Will your backups survive a well-executed ransomware incident? As threat actors are rendering backup systems inoperable through sophisticated cyberattacks, organizations must understand how their backups and defensive controls will hold up in the event of a real-world ransomware attack.

A Ransomware Backup and Recoverability Assessment evaluates real technical risks associated with recovery from backups in the event of a breach and establishes a prioritized remediation plan to deter and stop the discovery and destruction of your backup systems and methods.

Deter the tactics that threat actors use most successfully

Understanding threat actor patterns comes from working hundreds of recovery events - how they move laterally, access and destroy backups, and exfiltrate company data. The assessment includes every aspect of your resilience, with engineers reviewing your technical controls and configurations, including identity management, backup immutability, recovery time, data loss tolerance and lateral movement defenses.

How quickly can you recover and restore critical systems?

Even when backups survive a ransomware incident, recovery time for critical systems can be unacceptably slow. Adversaries design their attacks to prevent timely recovery and increase the pressure to pay the ransom. The assessment quantifies the actual recovery timelines for critical systems.


Understand the real-world resilience of your backups:

Informed by current threat actor behaviors, understand how safe your backups are, based on your actual technical controls and configurations.

Establish the actual expected timeline for recovery:

Determine how long it will take to restore critical systems in the event of a real-world attack and what risks you are accepting.

Receive an actionable remediation roadmap:

The assessment includes a detailed remediation plan of how to better guard your backups, limit threat actors’ ability to get to them and speed up any required recovery in the event of an attack.


CrowdStrike has established an ecosystem of trusted partners to deliver expertise and capacity in key areas of cybersecurity.

Real-World Recovery Experience:

Conversant Group’s experience is informed by working hundreds of restoration events and observing the latest threat actor behavior.

Unmatched Deep Technical Review:

Conversant Group assessments are powered by infrastructure and security engineers shoulder surfing your controls and configurations.

Actionable Remediation Plans:

Conversant Group not only produces detailed technical remediation plans, it has the expertise to execute those plans if required.


The Ransomware Backup and Recoverability Assessment is a partner-delivered service from Conversant Group. The assessment enables you to make informed decisions about the risks you are accepting and establishes an actionable remediation roadmap to make you safer faster.

  • Combines interviews, policy and documentation reviews with actual live “shoulder surfing” of technical controls and configurations to establish a comprehensive understanding of your backups and resilience.
  • Provides an actionable roadmap with prioritization and necessary steps to improve your defensive posture, protect your backups and minimize recovery timelines.
  • Includes a written report with estimates of actual time to recover critical systems, given your current state.
  • Provides presentation to both technical and business leadership summarizing detailed risks in your backup and technical controls and their resilience in the face of recent threat actor strategies.


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