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Why True Cybersecurity Must Begin with Your Attacker’s Endgame

Tuesday, June 18 / 01:00 pm UTC

Cyberattacks consistently progress through the same steps, beginning with compromised credentials and winding a stealthy path toward your data. To effectively survive and recover from a breach, it’s essential to construct your defenses by moving backwards through the typical breach progression. Prevention is essential—yet, recoverability must be a top priority of the enterprise. Register today for our webinar and learn how to first defend your most important security controls—your backups—and the pathways leading to them to safeguard the data you hold in trust.

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Webinar Date
Tuesday, June 18 01:00 pm UTC 58 min
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Webinar Details

You’ll learn:

Attend this educational webinar featuring Conversant Group’s Founder, CSO, and cyber expert John Anthony Smith to learn:

  • How even the latest innovative tactics follow the same breach progression
  • Why it is essential to work backwards in defending against attack stages
  • The multiple layers of controls needed within, around, and to backups
  • How to right-size your security tools investments

Webinar Speakers

  • John Anthony Smith
    John Anthony Smith

    Founder & CSO

    About John Anthony Smith

    John Anthony began his IT career at the age of 14, and since then, he has founded over six technology companies and overseen the secure infrastructure design, build, and/or management for over 400 organizations. He is known for his frank conversations about security, often busting established paradigms to arrive at what ‘true security’ really requires (and it’s often not easy). John Anthony is a sought-after expert, advocate, and thought leader on security topics, having spoken globally and authored dozens of articles and publications.