Amid the chaos that is COVID-19, a partnership between two firms, Conversant Group and Bricker & Eckler, tests the cords that bind them. In 2015, Sam Shipley became the Chief Information Officer for Bricker & Eckler, a leading Midwest law firm that employs more than 140 attorneys. That year, I received a call from Sam around midnight. He told me about the IT situation he had assumed.

The following week, I flew to Columbus Ohio to discuss what was needed. Within eight weeks, there would be several office relocations. We discussed the possibility of rolling out Citrix virtual desktop infrastructure as part of the relocations.

The firm and Conversant Group ultimately elected to move forward with a full VDI strategy for several reasons:

  1. Extreme mobility,
  2. Better security,
  3. Change management,
  4. Easier software deployment [delivery instead of deployment], and
  5. Better business continuity.

Over the next 6 weeks, we built designs, ordered hardware, stood up storage, installed and/or upgraded servers, created a desktop image, and deployed Citrix. As the offices were relocated, we moved them to Citrix VDI and scaled the infrastructure up for the entire firm.

As of mid-2016, the entire firm has used VDI.

Fast forward to March 17th, 2020, Sam Shipley called our office to say:

Because Conversant Group has done such a great job managing Bricker & Eckler over the past three years, we have all been working remotely without any issues starting Monday. The managing partner complimented us on how effortless it was to work from home. I wanted to pass that compliment along to you all.

The choice to move to VDI was very good for Bricker & Eckler. It has allowed the firm to be nimble and flex to its users’ work style preferences. More importantly, amid the COVID-19 impact on the workforce, it has allowed Bricker & Eckler to continue providing excellent service to clients while shifting to a remote workforce.

The partnership between Bricker & Eckler and Conversant Group is a success story. We serve shoulder to shoulder with our clients. Sound decision marking, strong leadership, hard work, and expert technical skill have allowed Bricker & Eckler’s workforce to be flexible and mobile, while not jeopardizing security.

We are thankful the joint fruits of our labors have made business more secure, productive, and agile for Bricker & Eckler!