My interest in cybersecurity began when I was 12 years old, hacking into iPhones. My curiosity grew as I worked with Kali Linux, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi hacking tools, and network sniffers. In college, I studied Cybersecurity and Sociology because I was fascinated by the intersection between computing and people. I am a firm believer that computer systems and security do not have to be complicated; I love simplifying technical problems and demystifying complicated systems.

I had the opportunity to work for cybersecurity teams for the Department of Defense, which introduced me to the complicated security requirements which accompany classified systems. During my time contracting with the Department of Defense, I automated over 3,000 security checks for multiple operating systems and applications. These simplified processes allowed for valuable time to be spent developing new features. After this exciting opportunity, I transitioned to the Department of Energy, supporting internal websites and automating and simplifying more processes.

While I grew greatly from these experiences, I wanted an opportunity to interact more closely with the end-user and have a direct hand in providing IT Security solutions. This led me to Conversant Group, which has allowed me to embrace my love for people and technology alongside a dedicated, tireless team of experts.


At Conversant Group, I work with our managed and consulting services’ teams. I assist with all assessments: from infrastructure to security and penetration testing. My favorite part of this process is assisting with the technical solutions to the issues found during our assessments. If you use ESET, DesLock, Forticlient, DarkTrace, Mimecast, Cisco Umbrella, Beyond Trust, Alert Logic, or KnowBe4, I will most likely get the opportunity to work with you.

In all my projects, I strive to include the customer at whatever level they desire. Sometimes people simply want the project installed and documentation provided afterward. Occasionally customers want to get down in the weeds and assist with the command line level configuration of products. My goal is to ensure that clients understand the products that are being installed in their environment and appreciate the increased functionality and security of these products.

My two favorite services to support are Cisco Umbrella and Beyond Trust Privilege Management. Both products offer simple configuration, limitless customization, and exponential return on investment for security. As a security consultant, I fully understand the frustrations many people experience around security controls. However, when properly configured, these tools enable productivity while ensuring security with minimal intrusion to the user’s operations.