Recently I had the opportunity to participate on a panel with a local non-profit, CHATech.  They serve as Chattanooga’s technology council and connect people through social events, professional education programs, peer group forums, and various network opportunities.  They reached out to me through LinkedIn, and asked if I would be willing to join their October panel to discuss cybersecurity.  Excited to learn more about the organization and meet other local peers within the industry, I said yes!

I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the panel, and I think that what CHATech did by reaching out to me through Conversant Group is important, because it’s only through sharing knowledge between local non-profits (such as CHATech), and companies with a national reach (such as Conversant Group) that Chattanooga is able to compete with other major cities that lead the technology industry.

However, CHATech does not just work with large companies.  They also give smaller tech companies the opportunity to display their talents and let their voices be heard through different social initiatives.

Even though I love working with a large company like Conversant Group, I really enjoyed immersing myself in the security conversation that is taking place on the local level.  I think it’s important that regardless of how cybersecurity is developing on a national level, that people still take time to step back and look at how technology is evolving within their own communities.  CHATech is growing the tech savvy community in Chattanooga, and this will pave the way for a city that is more educated in providing education that leads to careers in an industry that is quickly becoming an essential field in today’s professional world.