I was born and raised in northeast Atlanta with my parents and older sister. After high school, I accepted a scholarship offer to Shorter University, in Rome, GA, to continue my lacrosse career. At Shorter, I made the Dean’s List multiple years as well as serving as the lacrosse team’s Director of Academics. While in Rome, I had a short stint as a car salesman at a Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram dealership. From a young age, I had a feeling I would end up in some kind sales related role; my time selling cars sealed the deal. Outside of work, I enjoy rock climbing, mountain biking, playing with my dog [Ollie], and playing video games.



My journey with Conversant Group started in May 2016; I was hired on as a Marketing Strategy and Brand Coordinator. At the time, we were a company of only 11 people, and I was the first marketing person ever hired by Conversant Group. On my first day, I received 60 minutes of training on our main internal system, then I was set free to plan an event that was taking place 3 weeks later. I can honestly say it has not slowed down at all. At first, I was just an event planner/personal assistant for John [President of Conversant]; I have since grown to be the Director of Marketing.

As the Director of Marketing, I am tasked with customer facing communication, event planning, and business development/demand generation, and making sure we are aligned and compliant with all external organizations used by Conversant. The good news is I am not alone in this; I have an incredible marketing team I get to stand alongside every day to make sure Conversant Group’s brand is protected and represented well in every way, shape, form, and fashion.

My biggest goal for Conversant Group is to build a stable, efficient marketing department that can directly contribute to the bottom line. In all things we do, we strive to be a positive force, both internally and externally.