I’m a northern transplant living in the south, with my wife and two stepdaughters. I’ve been involved with technology my entire professional career, but my real passion is people. Using tech to solve problems makes me happy because it makes my clients and colleagues happy. When I’m not at work, I enjoy riding my bike, cooking, and working in my knife shop.


As a Technical Relationship Manager, I’m a link between the client and Conversant Group, as well as a link between the client and the Conversant engineers who ultimately perform most of the project work and the break/fix functions. It is my job to ensure that client needs are being anticipated and met consistently to foster a productive relationship between Conversant and the client. I act as a communication channel between the client and the engineers, to ensure that issues are handled promptly and ably.

To establish and grow these client relationships, I make sure that the technical needs of the client are being met. Additionally, I continually look for opportunities to engage my clients in new projects and new technology. If I do my job well, Conversant should be the first point of contact for any new implementation, as well as being the ones to bring new and emerging technology to our clients’ doorsteps.

Most industries and clients will have a significant overlap in their base IT infrastructure, but each client is unique and deserves to be treated as such. Part of my job is paying careful attention to industry trends that allow us to compare clients to their industry peers, recommend best-in-class technologies, and offer a demonstrable technological advantage to our clients.

I have been in IT for about 15 years and have spent more than half of that in Legal. I’m the former IT director of a law firm, and I have a fondness for the vagaries of legal IT. On staff, industry specialists like me, are what set Conversant Group apart from most MSPs. We don’t just know technology—we know industries, we know personalities, and we know how to align IT with a company’s needs. We offer a bespoke technology solution to our clients, and that custom-fit makes a world of difference.