On June 3rd, six members of the Conversant team traveled to Arlington VA to attend LegalSEC Summit conference.

We had the commendable opportunity to have three Conversant team members as key note speakers during the 3-day conference. Shayne Champion, CISO, presented a talk entitled “Incident Response to Modern Resources”. Only positive feedback and relationships were built from his insightful message focusing on OODA loop charging technicians to observe, orient, decide and act on their hypotheses, along with the ins and outs of the Incident Response Process. John Anthony Smith, Chief Listening Officer & President spoke on “Growing your Security Team”. His expertise and top-notch experience, namely his approach in the creation of Conversant Group, led to several positive conversations and leads for the company. For Keith Weber, Cyber Engineer & Ethical Hacker, this was his first public speaking engagement. His talk was titled, “Tips and Tools in Malware Reverse Engineering”. Here, he touched on the different types of malware and the dangers of them. He warns us to “be careful, some things bite”. The fact that Conversant Group was able to not only attend, but also provide such visionary arguments and insight on these important features of technology in the growing world is impressive.

Conversant hosted a social which proved to be a great success. Keith Weber commented that, “interacting with clients and potential clients and business partners was a great learning experience about what our customers and potential clients need and want form us.” Michael Williams and Jill Dietz were key roles in hosting the social as well as the manning of the table throughout the weekend. “The event was quite successful and enjoyable. Several relationships were started or built upon” Shayne Champion stated. He added that the partnership with DarkTrace and MessageControl and Unitrends made it a great experience for everyone.

Overall, the atmosphere and time spent with clients and potential partners proved crucial to Conversant Group’s network and will continue to be an event that we invest our time and resources in.