It’s always been my passion to help others succeed, wherever they might be in their life’s journey. These have been the most rewarding experiences and presented me with opportunities to learn and grow in more ways than I could state here. My most cherished friendships are as a direct result. I also love analyzing data to see the bigger picture and often use the phrase: “data don’t lie”.

When I’m not analyzing data, or helping someone achieve a goal, you can find me in Cincinnati, Ohio hosting game night with family and friends, or in the garden coaxing things to grow. I am blessed and believe everything happens for a reason – although the clarity may not come for some time.


I serve Conversant Group as the Process Improvement and Education Manager responsible for developing workflow efficiencies and enhancing business continuity. With almost 30 years’ experience, I have intimate knowledge of the legal industry and understand the challenges facing law firms.

My passion to help people grow and achieve their goals is a testament to strong leadership, coaching, and interpersonal skills. Some of my more memorable projects capitalized on my ability to analyze data, develop and implement strategic goals. My longtime alliance with the International Legal Technology Association, its members and business partners is one of my most cherished relationships.