Everybody understands we keep a friend from drinking and driving.  When you care that deeply about someone, it’s not an option to let them place themselves in harm’s way.  In the workplace, we need to have the same passion and sense of responsibility to protect not just the network we login to everyday – but also the co-workers, customers, and data we are entrusted with.  If you see something, say something; your company’s security program is more about you than about firewalls and anti-virus filters so take personal responsibility instead of just hoping the tech guys will see it and figure it out.   Information security is a team sport and it makes us stronger when we realize that cyber security is EVERYBODY’s responsibility.

In the late 90’s Microsoft called their sales force “customer evangelists” and the information security industry needs to take a similar tact to commission and empower every single person – from the janitor to the CEO – to BE the most important part of your company’s cyber security program.  At the end of the day cyber security is developed by people, for people. When our security is threatened, it is people who need to step up and help defend everyone’s safety in our digitally interconnected world.