I began my career working for a very large county government. Being able to see the inner workings of what goes into maintaining the technology that supports the multitude of departments and diverse organizations for a such a large entity was truly eye opening and taught me the fundamentals of good communication.

I was part of a company which provided the first satellite-based phones with service from a constellation of 66 LEO (low earth orbit) satellites. This opportunity reinforced in me the need to work with urgency and to meet extremely tight deadlines.

I was able to work in a healthcare company which provided dialysis services to patients nationwide. This honed the need for rigorous testing and complete lifecycle management.

I spent a significant amount of my work life in the employ of an incredible company providing financial services. This multinational corporation provided me amazing opportunities for growth in a wide array of technology silos. I managed a 24×7 global service desk with follow the sun service. I created and supported a Citrix farm with over 1500 published applications and desktops with resources from data centers in the US and UK. I performed full disaster recovery and business continuity testing annually.

While I have worked in small companies as well as multinational corporations, I would cite my time working in my father’s family business as the best experience to make me the ideal partner. It was during this time that I learned true dedication, work ethic, resourcefulness, and pride in a job well done. I have been fortunate to work for some amazing organizations.


I am currently part of the best team I’ve ever worked with providing white glove service to clients nationwide.

Attitude is everything. This short truism encapsulates everything that is Conversant. The engineering staff of Conversant Group is unlike any you will find anywhere else. This team is more family than just a group that happens to share the same employer. The attitude of the engineering team at Conversant begins with what we refer to as ‘Servant-Hearted’.  We each have unique skills and experience but what we share is a common belief that together we can stand side by side with each other and with clients to resolve every challenge presented.

While I could rattle off my curriculum vitae or list out my certifications, I think it’s more important to know that what I offer to a client is dedication to the goals and challenges present in their environment. My value to my client lies in my pursuit of anticipating their needs, developing and presenting a solution before they know that the problem exists.