Executive Consulting

ThoughtFUL leadership

We understand that IT strategy is the alignment of your operational capabilities and strategic objectives.  As Bruce Schneier popularized, it really comes down to the integration of your people, process, and technology with your business needs.  Let us show you how our decades of experience can help to develop a plan for your technological infrastrucutre-synching its objectives, principles, and tactics to the needs of your business and its users. 

We’re here to help:

We are here to assist with your IT and/or cyber security programs – as leaders and/or advisers – depending on your unique needs. As your IT partner, we have your back, from helping you leverage the newest technologies to setting up systematic programs designed to make your business faster and more efficient-we’re here to help you succeed.

Virtual Chief Information Officer

Smart leaders know when to delegate.  When your time or expertise is limited, you need IT support you can count on.  Partner with our vCIO to assist you with the daily tactical & strategic decisions you need to support your staff, technology, and infrastructure.  

Virtual Chief
Information Security Officer

Our virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) partners with you to guide your cyber security program. The vCISO will work within your organization to build, lead, or assist in the development of an information security program on your schedule. Whether you need assistance setting up a cyber security team or managing the one you already have, we can flex our vCISO to meet your needs. Let Conversant Group help you navigate the complexities of your security environment (including interfacing with your board or executive committee) and enable your business, all while continually maturing your security program.

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