I am an Air Force brat, Air Force veteran, former tuba player, casual golfer, fantasy football enthusiast, and certified public accountant.  I’ve lived in ten different states, almost twenty different homes, and I helped my dad build a house from the ground up in west Texas.  Through my various experiences in multiple environments, I’ve learned a few key lessons in life:  you learn more by listening, things are rarely as bad as they seem, and luck may be the single most undervalued asset of all time.  In my spare time, I enjoy going to parks with my wife and young daughter, doing projects around the house, and listening to a wide array of podcasts.


My role at Conversant Group is Chief Financial Officer.  My ultimate purpose in this role is to accurately report on the financial performance of the company to our various stakeholders.  I believe I have the right mix of analysis, perspective, and common sense to highlight the relevant financial indicators necessary to make reasonable business decisions.  Although I really enjoy toiling away in spreadsheets for hours on end, I’ve learned that I can make the biggest difference by effectively leading others.  At Conversant Group, I am the leader of Team Northeast (message me and I’ll explain the team name), which is a group of four incredible individuals that run our back office.  Our team handles everything from quoting and procuring products and services, to maintaining sales tax compliance in 30+ jurisdictions, all while running a high-volume billing department which accounts for thousands of sales orders, purchase orders, and invoices each year.  Just like a good offensive line in football, if we do our jobs right on Team Northeast, you will never know our names…but our running backs and wide receivers will always find the end zone.

I enjoy working at Conversant Group because most of my colleagues are smarter than me, and that keeps me on my toes.  In the three years I’ve been with the company, there has never been a dull moment, and my learning has never stopped.  We are a growing company in an increasingly relevant industry, and the future is bright.  If you ever visit our headquarters in Chattanooga, please stop by the orange shipping container (my office), and I will introduce you to Team Northeast!