“I do not claim to be an expert in anything. I have a wealth of knowledge gained by over 40 years of experience, which was gained by learning from my mistakes and trying never to make the same mistake twice.”


Carl Webster is a Senior Infrastructure Consultant at Conversant Group specializing in Citrix, Active Directory, and technical documentation. Webster serves the broader Citrix community by writing articles and providing FREE PowerShell scripts at CarlWebster.com. He is the most active person in the Citrix Zone on Experts Exchange. Webster has been a CTP since 2009 and is a founding member of the Citrix Technology Professional Fellow program. Webster has a long history in the IT industry, starting with mainframes in 1977, PCs and application development in 1986, and network engineering in 2001. He has worked with Citrix products since the very first product, MULTIUSER OS/2, in 1990. His detailed and thorough approach is often greatly appreciated by Citrix admins in small to medium businesses that benefit from his prescriptive guidance.