Cybersecurity Career Info

Resources for new practitioners

  • Blue Team Handbook: Incident Response Edition: A condensed field guide for the Cyber Security Incident Responder., Don Murdoch. ISBN: 978-1500734756
  • Blue Team Handbook: SOC, SIEM, and Threat Hunting (V1.02): A Condensed Guide for the Security Operations Team and Threat Hunter, Don Murdoch. ISBN: 978-1091493896
  • The Blue Team Field Manual, Ben Clark & Alan J White. ISBN: 978-1541016361
  • The Checklist Manifesto, Atul Gawande. ISBN: 978-0312430009
  • The Red Team Field Manual, Ben Clark. ISBN: 978-1494295509


  • Computer Incident Response and Forensics Team Management, Leighton Johnson. ISBN:  978-1597499965
  • Crafting the InfoSec Playbook, Brandon Enright, Jeff Bollinger, and Matthew Valites. ISBN: 978-1491949405
  • Cybersecurity Incident Response, Eric C. Thompson. ISBN: 978-1484238691
  • Intelligence-Driven Incident Response, Scott J. Roberts. ISBN: 978-1491934944
  • Security Operations Center – SIEM Use Cases and Cyber Threat Intelligence, Arun E. Thomas. ISBN: 978-1986862011
  • The Practice of Network Security Monitoring, Richard Bejtlich. ISBN: 978-1593275099


  • CyberSecurity Cannon,