Know your network

If you do not have the expertise to set up a risk management program, we have your back. Our experienced and certified staff can evaluate the existence and effectiveness of your control environment based on the FAIR (Factor Analysis of Information Risk) method. Since risk does not stop with a report, we can also assist you to manage, monitor, and control those risks programmatically while being time and cost-effective. We can even help you communicate up the chain to enable (and fund) real, sustainable change.

Conversant Group can help you further understand the strengths and weaknesses of your environment with:

Risk Assessments

Cyber Security Assessments

Infrastructure Assessments


As a business leader, you make decisions about risk every day: which project to  tackle first, how to address your next case, what partnership you enter, and even how you spend your budget. Your ability to secure your network is solely based on your ability to manage risk.

Evaluate the effectiveness of
your information security controls

Organize and simplify your responses for client security requirements

Quantify and control your risks; identify
your firm’s risk tolerance and residual risk

Cyber Security

Overwhelmed with requests
for security responses from
clients & leadership?

User Provisioning & Authentication

Policies & procedures

Data Protection

Physical & Environmental Security


Do you have the right
technology infrastructure?


Compute & Storage

Network & Routing


Staffing & Budget allocation

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