Those who know me know that I am people driven. I long ago realized that my purpose was to serve others, and I have built Conversant Group on one simple principle:

Smart people can do great things if given the opportunity and platform to do so. They can change the world!

My goal is to provide a platform, culture, environment, and company where people can find purpose and fulfillment in their work. We have built, and are building, an incredible team of engineers, scientists, support managers, visionaries, advisors, specialists, and leaders to solve the business challenges of today and tomorrow.

Today, Conversant Group is focused primarily on the delivery and facilitation of the applications that users need to do their work. In other words, we focus on the infrastructure, and the security of that infrastructure, whether in the cloud or on-premise to facilitate the users’ secure, on-going, uninterrupted use of applications.

With great minds and capable hands, I am convinced Conversant Group can and will leave a positive mark on this planet: we aim to do this by solving complex problems, no matter the disciplines required. Today, we are a technology consulting company focused on the design, implementation, orchestration, security, and management of infrastructure, but tomorrow, we will solve problems beyond those that simply facilitate applications.

Our people, customers, and constant presentation of opportunity will make this happen!

If you follow me on LinkedIn, you have likely seen my tagline:

We are always hiring!

That statement is real! We are always looking for the best and brightest to join our team. Thus far this year we have added 8 very talented individuals to our team, meaning our team has grown by over 50% this year alone! All have different concentrations, but one thing is common amongst them all: they are experts and capable leaders in their areas of discipline.

With our people, I know that we will continue to provide value for our customer base, and they will enable us to continually expand our capabilities to solve more complex challenges that require knowledge of technology, finance, accounting, people, and process; all business challenges have three high-level variables: People, Process, and Technology. I meet with business leaders daily that share business challenges that go beyond technology solutions. We want to engage all disciplines, not just the technology discipline, to solve complex business challenges. I accept this future and embrace it

I feel that this anticipation is best summarized by Richard Branson, “When presented an opportunity that you immediately do not know how to do/solve, just say ‘yes’. You can figure it out later.”

My hope is that we leave this planet in a safer, better state than what we found it. I am convinced that when people find purpose (in their work) their lives are enriched, and they are much better suited to enact positive change on all of our lives.

Let’s all contribute to making the world a better place by helping people find purpose and passion in the work that they do!