Who We Are

"Greatness doesn't come without sacrifice."


Conversant Group’s services are divided into two high-level groups:  Managed Services and Consulting Services.  Managed Services is the platform of choice for many businesses, as most companies view IT infrastructure in a utilitarian perspective; in other words, it is believed that core infrastructure and the support thereof provides no real value to the business - it is only a cost center.  Conversant Group generally agrees with this perspective, as we believe the value to the business is in the experience of the user and applications that they use.  Managed Services is our method of supporting this utilitarian perspective of IT, and you will notice, I am sure, in your other proposals that most companies in our industry provide Managed Services.  Many companies are outsourcing the infrastructure and management thereof to third parties.  Consulting Services is the platform of choice for many of our customers as well.  Many companies have deeply entrenched IT departments and enormous investments in infrastructure.  The members of our Consulting Services group are the designers, architects, and constructors of IT infrastructure for many companies in the US & Canada.  Further, our Consulting Services team also regularly performs pure consulting projects to review existing environments, personnel, processes, procedures, and the alignment of technology services to a strategic plan.