What We Believe 

“Our goal is for our products and services to deliver upon the promise of their design.”

- John Anthony Smith

In Relation to Our Future:

Today, we are a management and technology consulting and managed services company, and our future will continue to be deeply rooted in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and organizational knowledge.  We will continue to invest in new ideas and businesses to bring products and services to businesses and eventually direct consumers.  We desire to contribute in whatever way our discoveries, research, and future dictate.

In Relation to Knowledge:

We provide expert, seasoned knowledge.  Conversant is a knowledge company.  While our past and future are deeply rooted in technology, we understand that we exist to provide the knowledge necessary to facilitate successful business by allowing our customers to focus on what matters most to their businesses.  Our knowledge is often applied in technology, human resource management, process, procedure, assessment and alignment to a standard.

In Relation to People:

We hold a paradigm of abundance. Rather than fighting for a share of a limited sized pie, we instead believe in growing the pie.  Our paradigm is one of sharing knowledge, as we believe that it is through knowledge that abundance occurs.  We get better and provide the greatest good to each other and the planet through education, cooperation, and communication.  

People are central to our purpose.  We exist to serve others.  While we are a business to business company, our company and the companies we serve are collections of people.

Our goal is to facilitate growth of our customers' businesses through logical, analytical, and intelligent application of expert knowledge.  We believe that the growth our customers' businesses creates opportunities for people to learn, provide for their families, contribute to our global economy, and provide a means for individuals and businesses alike to contribute to the sharing of knowledge.

In Relation to Quality:

Systems, processes, procedures, laws, and rules are all creations of humanity.  Humanity by its very nature is imperfect.  Therefore, the systems we design are also imperfect.  All systems tend to chaos.  It is only through the application of work that systems continue to function and provide their purpose.  Our view of quality is not to achieve perfection, as we believe perfection is unachievable.   Quality, however, is a system that by it nature delivers upon the promises of its design most of the time.

We know we are not perfect; however, rightness is a very important principle within our culture.  We do not seek to always be right, but we always seek to understand what is right.  We do not guarantee we will always get it right, but we do guarantee that we will do our best, with the resources we have, to deliver the best possible knowledge to all products and services.  Our goal is for our products and services to deliver upon the promise of their design.

In Relation to Social Responsibility:

We believe it is our social duty to contribute to our economy, attempt to end social injustices, preserve history, and to spread knowledge.  We cannot understand our future without knowledge of our past; however, you cannot move forward with our eyes firmly planted in the rear view mirror.  We must look forward tempering our judgments, decision making, planning, and designs by the lessons of the past.

We fervently believe in giving back, and you can see the many causes that we participate in within the charities portion of this web site.

In Relation to Technology:

Technology is not a god to which people, happiness, peace, business, process, and relationships should be sacrificed.  Technology instead is a tool that enables us to do great things for people, the planet, and business.  Technology doesn't define our future.  Instead, we define technology.  We wield as we will to build a better tomorrow.

Our Motto
It is all about the experience.
Our Promise
To deliver expert services in a professional, respectful, honest and right manner.  Doing right is our promise.